Joseph Gangemi, Ph.D.

Small Business Representative


Dr. Gangemi’s Ph.D. is in Virology/Immunology, and he spent 8 years in active military service at USAMRIID developing vaccines and therapeutic modalities for treatment of lethal virus diseases. After leaving USAMRIID, Dr. Gangemi accepted an academic position, but remained on reserve duty assigned to WRAIR (Infectious Diseases). While in academia he received grants from USAMRDC focusing on targeted drug delivery and adjuvants to enhance innate immune responses. After retiring from academia, Dr. Gangemi was appointed Special Assistant to the Undersecretary for Health Affairs, and Special Assistant to the President of the Uniformed Health Services Univ. Dr. Gangemi have taken active leadership positions with several small biotechnology companies, and in 2019 became the Chief of Government Affairs for Centivax.