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Questions We Often get Prior to Joining

Who Should Join?

Any company, university, or research organization with expertise in the technology areas specifically related to the JPEO-CBD mission

How Long Does the Process Take?

An application with all necessary documentation and certificates can be processed in as little as 1-2 business days. However, it can take up to several weeks if an applicant needs to obtain a DD2345 or update any expired certificates (, DD2345, DUNS, CAGE). If you have questions regarding these documents, please contact us at

When Should My Company Join?

It is best to apply early to allow enough time for the application processes. Postponing membership until a Solicitation is active, may result in unforseen delays and the inability to submit a proposal. The MCDC has worked to keep membership dues to an amount that should not prohibit an organization from joining whenever they are ready.

How To Join


Apply for Membership

Download the Membership Application. Review, complete and sign the document.

Sign the Articles of Collaboration

Download the Articles of Collaboration. Review the document and sign page 13.

Confirm and Sumbit

Confirm necessary documentation for submission

  • Completed and signed Membership Application
  • Signed page 13 of the Articles of Collaboration
  • Copy of current DD2345 certification (What is this?)
  • DSS-approved mitigation plan OR signed Export Compliance Acknowledgement Form for those operating under FOCI

Email Membership Application, page 13 of the Articles of Collaboration and DD2345 form to:

MCDC Membership Benefits


    Networking opportunities with consortium members (industry and academia), Government and other strategic stakeholders, at annual membership meetings and valuable conferences and forums


    Provides visibility into Government needs and priorities, enabling members to direct R&D (and IR&D) investments to meet them.


    Creates a channel for small companies and non-traditional suppliers to identify opportunities and establish customer relationships with Government and other members.


    Operates through a flexible contracting vehicle capable of multiple tasking with a single set of terms and conditions.


    Minimizes cash flow challenges through rapid, single-point-contracting capability of the Consortium Management Firm (CMF)